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 Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group ecological construction management Co., LTD

         Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group Ecological Construction Management Co., Ltd. was establishedIn December 2007, it was a subsidiary company of Shaanxi Provincial Environmental Protection Department, and in December 2014, it became a second-level subsidiary of Shaanxi Environmental Protection Industry Group Co., LTD。

        Registered capital of company27692.The company has 16 subsidiaries, including 6 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 2 holding subsidiaries, 2 participating subsidiaries and 5 project companies.Existing employees of the company221 people, all kinds of technical personnel 138 people, including 29 graduate degree or above, with senior titles 24 employees, intermediate professional titles 58 employees;55 employees with registered professional qualifications;

        The company now has the first grade of environmental protection engineering construction general contracting, the second grade of municipal engineering construction general contracting, the second grade of housing construction general contracting, and the engineering supervision (Major in municipal public utility, chemical petroleum, housing construction engineering乙级Engineering cost, water protection plan preparation and supervision monitoring, surveying and mapping, bidding agent and other qualifications。Now it has developed into an ecological environment consulting and engineering whole process business"One body", with ecological environmental protection engineering, urban and rural sanitation integration project investment and operation as the "two wings" of the ecological environmental protection integrated service enterprises, is the group's "environmental consulting + ecological construction" business unit implementation main body。

        At present, the specific content of consulting business includes environmental planning, environmental supervision, environmental acceptance, environmental emergency plan, etc生态Environmental consulting business, water protection scheme, water protection supervision, water protection monitoring, water protection acceptance and other water protection consulting business,Whole engineering process consulting,Project supervision, project cost, bidding agency and other engineering consulting business。The specific contents of ecological construction business include watershed ecological treatment project, rural environment comprehensive treatment project, municipal sewage treatment project, etc。The specific contents of investment and operation of urban and rural domestic waste and domestic sewage project include investment and operation of urban and rural sanitation integration project and investment and operation of urban and rural sewage treatment project。

        The company has fully laid out the investment planning and the whole process consulting in the field of ecological environmental protectionProject constructionThe business of the whole industry chain, such as material and equipment supply and operation, can provide services and overall solutions at all stages of the whole life cycle of the project, and will be practicedIn the unremitting efforts and actions of "environmental protection for the people and industry for the country", we are firmly moving forward towards the goal of building an ecological and environmental protection leader。