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Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group and Shaanxi Coal Group talk and exchange

Source: Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group 时间:2023-07-28 14:34 Number of readings:


       On July 27, Hao Junliang, Party Secretary and Chairman of Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group, had a discussion with Zhang Wenqi, Party secretary and chairman of Shaanxi Coal Group, and the two sides had in-depth exchanges on further improving the liaison and communication mechanism and comprehensively deepening cooperation。

Hao Junliang thanked Shaanxi Coal Group for its long-term support and help,He said after a brief introduction of the reform and development of Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group,Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group is committed to becoming a comprehensive solution provider for ecological and environmental problems,We are willing to further enrich cooperation mode and expand cooperation areas with Shaanxi Coal Group,Jointly promote the province's strategic emerging industries to become stronger, better and bigger。

Zhang Wenqi welcomed the visit of Hao Junliang and fully affirmed the reform and development results of Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group,He says,Shaanxi Coal Group is on the journey of building a world-class enterprise,Always take safety and environmental protection as the top priority,It is hoped that both sides will leverage their respective industrial advantages,We will continue to tap the potential for cooperation,Strive to contribute the joint efforts of provincial enterprises in promoting the green and low-carbon transformation of the province's development mode。

Shaanxi Environmental Protection GroupDeputy Party Secretary, Director,General MANAGERGu Feng, Deputy General Manager Zhao Jianwen;Yuan Guangjin, Deputy general manager of Shaanxi Coal Group; Du Ping, Secretary of the Board of Directors and general manager of Enterprise Management Department; Song Shijie, Assistant general manager and general manager of Strategic Planning Department of Shaanxi Coal Group;Both partiesRelevant departments and owners of ownership enterprises attended the discussion。(郝策)